Safely Contained - Encased

Richard Serra's monumental sculptures weave through the giant gallery space. Visiters are dwarfed by the huge metal forms that look like they could fall over. The surface of the sculptures are scuffed, eroded and worn, making these forms similar to an ancient monument. This notion of scale gives the viewer a sense of the sublime.

Arman 'Accumulation of electric razors embedded in plexiglas' 1968
These objects have been contained in a glass cabinet. Arman was a European pop artist who collected the same type of object and placed them inside glass containers. This act of taking what seems to be rubbish is exactly what is do in Museums - by taking an object out of its original context and placing it in a cabinet the viewer sees that object in a new way. Arman's objects seem to be relic's from another age and as we get further away (in time) from Arman's work the objects seem stranger and more unusual. The second world war had still left scars on Europe and Arman started by going through the ruble of derelict building to collect these everyday objects. In many ways they are both relics but also an example of the everyday amassed and becoming strange.