Safely Contained - Hiding Place

Portrait of Salvador Dali by Philippe Halsman
We all have places we feel safe and secure - our sanctuaries. One of those places could be the world of our imaginations. The Surrealists were fascinated by the world of our dreams and the juxtapositions that took place in them. Salvador Dali created strange images were clocks melted, forms were distorted, solid object became liquid and gravity didn't play by the rules of physics. In this image by Philippe Halsman, Dali's world seems to have been recreated with a chair floating in the air, flying cats and solid water. in reality a man (out of shot on the left hand side) hold the chair up, another person throws a bucket of water creating a flow, Dali jumps and two unsuspecting cats are thrown through the air.
Lenore Tawney's studio by William Seitz 1994
Anthony Gormley's studio by Eamonn McCabe 'Artist Studio' Series

utopia and dystopias